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Nuance Wine Finer

"As many of you know, I’m not a big wine gadget guy but I’m excited about a new pouring device you easily slide into the neck of any bottle and simply pour the wine directly into your glass. The Nuance Wine Filter aerates the wine and removes the sediment with no fuss or muss. I especially recommend it for those big meaty young reds because it helps to clean up the nose and flavours while removing any stray bits of cork or sediment."

- Anthony Gismondi, Vancouver Sun
  December 4, 2009


Allow us to introduce ourselves... our company...

We started our business when we discovered NUANCE Products in Denmark, on our travels.

As we live in BC Wine country and have an appreciation of wine, our interest was peaked in the wine finer. So much so, we are now the Exclusive Distributor in BC. We will also export to other areas.

NUANCE is elegance and function combined in a collection of beautiful household items that you immediately want to use, own and give away as presents. Their aesthetic value is striking but it is in everyday use that NUANCE shows its true qualities.

Unlike other wine aerators, the wine finer can be used with only one hand. You don't have to hold this tool in one hand while pouring wine through it. You insert the Wine Finer in the bottle and pour. That gurgling sound you hear is air being drawn into the wine.The wine then flows through the 32 holes and screen, producing a flavour enhanced and sediment free glass of wine.

When you are done, you can just rinse the wine finer with warm water and let dry.

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Mike and Debbie Bevan
Nuance Finer Imports
Summerland, BC